Cuckold Humiliation Stories

Tell me your cuckold humiliation stories.One of the best things about cuckold phone sex is getting to hear so many of my callers’ cuckold humiliation stories.  Being cuckolded is inherently humiliating but some of you cucks have had cuckold humiliation experiences that were so intense I’m surprised your little cocks didn’t just shrivel up and fall off on the spot.

Like the humiliation of coming home unexpectedly and finding your wife in your bed, naked and orgasming to the thrusts of another man’s cock.   The first time you saw your wife’s lover’s cock and realized it was more than twice the size of your little pricklette.  Being told to get between her legs, press your lips against her freshly fucked pussy and lick out all the creamy cum that her lover left behind just for you.

Or maybe what has to be the most emasculating cuckold humiliation – getting down on your knees and taking that huge cock of his in your mouth to “fluff” and get him ready to give her the kind of raw sexual pleasure you can’t.

But as humiliating as those moments were when they happened, it’s still irresistibly hot to call me and re-live them in every shameful detail.  Because for most of you, the humiliation of being cuckolded IS the turn on — and it is for me too.  I want to hear about the shame of watching your wife pursue and enjoy other men because you’re not man enough for her.  Tell me about the embarrassment of all her friends knowing she fucks other men and about your passive acceptance of being cuckolded and humiliated.  Tell me how emasculating it is to lick another man’s cum out of your wife or be ordered to get on your knees and take his cock in your mouth  while she watches and laughs.

You want to tell someone.  You need to tell someone.  And no one will understand — and enjoy — your secret cuckold humiliation better than a cuckold humiliatrix like me.

Small Cock Cuckold Humiliation

cuckold-humiliation-small-cockBeing forced to recognize the inadequacy of your cock is an almost universal part of cuckold humiliation.  Having an average or big cock doesn’t guarantee you won’t be cuckolded but having a small cock pretty much guarantees that you will be.   And if you have an average or bigger cock and your woman cuckolds you, you’ll have to deal with the fact that her lover will almost definitely have a bigger cock than yours.

One of my cuckold phone callers recently asked me, “The truth now. All that stuff about women wanting big cocks — that’s all fantasy, right?  An average cock like mine gets the job done just fine, doesn’t it?”  Ummm, no.  It’s not a cuckold humiliation fantasy when I tell you that your “average” skinny 5 inch cock does not deliver the kind of sexual pleasure that a woman gets from a thick  7 or 8 inch cock.   You don’t have to take my word for it.  Watch her when he’s fucking her.  Look at her face while he’s pumping that big thick rod into her.  You’ll see a sexual ecstasy on her face that you never saw when you were fucking her.  Just because some chart told you that your cock size is average, don’t think for a minute that you aren’t a disappointment between the sheets compared to her larger cocked lovers.

At least you cucks with a really small cock have usually had enough experience with small cock humiliation that you know without a doubt how totally useless your puny pricklette is.  You’ve seen the looks on women’s faces when you drop your pants and they get their first look at what you have — or should I say “don’t have” — between your legs.  You’ve heard her ask “Is it in yet?” and blushed with embarrassment because you had to answer “yes”.  You’ve looked at her secret collection of sex toys and can’t help but notice that the dildos are all much larger than your tiny tool.

Does all that sound familiar?  I thought so.  :)  Let’s talk and we’ll relive all your shameful moments of cuckold humiliation.

Cuckold Phone Sex Tease and Denial

Cuckold phone sex goes hand in hand with tease and denialCuckold phone sex. Tease and denial. If two things ever went together hand in hand, it’s those two, don’t you agree?

When your woman is cuckolding you, your whole relationship becomes an ongoing tease and denial. It’s a tantalizing tease every time she goes shopping and brings home sexy lingerie that you know you’ll never see her wear. Every time you watch her getting carefully dressed in a tight, low cut dress, thigh high stockings and sexy stiletto heels for an evening out, knowing she’s meeting “him”.   And the harshest tease — when you wake up to find her straddling your face, ordering you to lick her cum-filled pussy, while she describes every orgasm she had from a cock twice the size of yours.

Tease, tease, tease and it usually ends in denial.  Because she already has a well hung stud — or maybe more than one — who fucks her better than you ever could. So what interest could she have in sex with you?  But if she’s like me, she probably does enjoy teasing your little cock into a frustrated frenzy and then giggling while you beg for a pity fuck.

I love tease and denial with my cuckold and I love it with my cuckold phone sex callers too.   I know how excited it makes you when I tell you about the great sex I get from my lover’s big cock and the cuckold humiliation I inflict on my husband.   I’ll keep that little cock of yours stiff and throbbing and on edge while you beg me to let you cum.  Maybe I’ll let you.  Maybe I won’t.  And even if I do, I’ll probably make you do it in some humiliating way — maybe wearing panties or maybe jerking off into your own mouth.  But you’ll love it anyway.  Because the more frustrating the tease and the more humiliating the denial, the harder you’ll cum for me.  ;)

LIVE Cuckold Humiliation Phone Sex

Live cuckold humiliation phone sexI get lots of cuckold phone sex calls where I can dish out cuckold humiliation but I’ve never had one before where I could talk to the cuck as we both listened to his wife with her lover.

It wasn’t a fantasy or role play. This cuckold husband called me and told me that his wife was about to cuckold him for the first time. They’d been married for several years and he was always aware that his wife was sexually frustrated by his small cock. Over the years, he became more and more fascinated by cuckolding. He talked to her many times about it but it took him a few years to convince her that he really did want her to cuckold him with a big cock lover. So she connected with a well hung stud through a sex personals site. That night, she met him in person, was very attracted to him and called her husband — my caller — and told him they were going to a hotel.

He was sitting at home, excited at the thought of her fucking another man and getting the big cock she deserved but also beginning to understand what it is to be cuckolded and humiliated and called me to talk about it. He got plenty more cuckold humiliation from me. I taunted him about his inadequate cock and gave him my opinion that his life was about to change forever. This would be just the first of many nights he’d be sitting alone at home, while some other well endowed man gave his wife the pleasure he couldn’t. That she was probably enjoying that big cock right then as we spoke.

The more I talked, the more agitated he got. Finally he couldn’t stand it anymore and called his wife on his cell phone while I listened. I could hear her voice — the breathy, satisfied sound of a woman being pleasured right at that moment. I could hear the grunts of a man in the background. She kept telling her newly cuckolded husband she had to go and they’d talk later but he wouldn’t hang up. Then she stopped talking but we could both still hear her, panting and gasping, obviously being fucked, and finally letting out a hot passionate scream of her lover’s name as an orgasm hit her.

What about you? Is your wife cuckolding you? Are you having conflicted feelings about it too? You should call my cuckold phone sex line so you can talk about the reality of cuckold humiliation with someone like me who “gets it”.

The Ultimate Cuckold Humiliation – Cuckold Fluffer Boy

fluffer boy cuckold humiliationCuckold humiliation — it’s kind of redundant, isn’t it? I don’t think I’ve ever had a cuckold phone sex caller who wouldn’t agree that a cuckold husband is a humiliated husband. Everything about being a cuckold is humiliating. Knowing that your wife is fucking another man. Maybe someone you know — a friend, a neighbor. That you aren’t “enough” to satisfy her sexually. That her girlfriends know about your secret shame. Maybe even your friends too.

But some kinds of cuckold humiliation are much edgier than others, aren’t they? Like when you have to lick your wife’s cum filled pussy clean. When she brings her bull home to sleep in your bed and banishes you to the guest room. Then lying awake all night, listening to the sounds of his grunts and her gasps as she cums from being pounded with his much larger cock.

But the edgiest, most intense humiliation of all has to be finding yourself on your knees, forced to be a cuckold fluffer for your wife’s bull. It’s not just the humiliation of having to suck the cock of the man who fucks your wife. It’s the humiliation of sucking that cock so he can use it to fuck her right in front of you. And the shame of knowing your wife is watching, smirking at your cuckold fluffer humiliation, and that she’ll never take you seriously as a man again.

I enjoy all my cuckold phone sex calls but the cuckold humiliation confessions can be the most exciting of all. What’s your shameful cuckold secret?

Cuckold Phone Sex Fantasies

I love talking to my cuckold phone callers about their cuckold humiliation experiences! It’s a huge turn on to hear the embarrassment in their voices as they describe the humiliating situations their wives or girlfriends inflict on them.

But more than half of my cuckold phone callers want to role play cuckold fantasies. Even real life cuck husbands would often rather role play a fantasy than talk about something that actually happened to them.

It’s not surprising though because in fantasy you can tweak the all details and the dialogue as much as you want to make the scenario as intensely humiliating as you can handle. You can relive a situation where you were cuckolded and humiliated and make it the way you wish it had happened. You can role play a scenario including people and things, like family members, gang bangs, public humiliations, and so on, that might be almost impossible to make happen in real life.

I enjoy cuckold fantasies just as much as sharing real life experiences. With cuckold fantasies, I can let my imagination run wild and create a wickedly hot cuckold humiliation scene that’s as exciting for the caller as it is for me. I have no limits and no taboos and I love exploring even the most intense cuckold humiliation scenarios with you.

Cuckold Phone Calls By The Pool

Cuckold phone calls by the poolHello cucky boy!  I am on vacation, staying with a friend in Florida — who is also a cuckold wife with an appreciation for the joys of cuckold humiliation —  and we have an amazing amount of fun planned for my visit. My friend is into young cock and we went out to a dance club on Saturday night with her 21 year old bull and a hot young friend of his. The dance club was fun but the hot sex between the four of us afterward was even more fun. Both of those guys have 8+ inch cocks and all the sexual stamina that goes with being 21 years old.

Even in the midst of that great sex, I didn’t forget about my cuck hubby though. I decided to give him a special dose of long distance cuckold humiliation. So I called him right in the middle of the fun and left the phone line open so he’d hear his wife getting fucked. Unfortunately for him, his cuckold phone call didn’t end the way most of yours do though because I locked him into a chastity cage before I left. Yes, I’m on vacation, getting great sex every day, and he can’t even masturbate. All he could do was groan and suffer, stuffed inside that little cage, while he listened to me enjoying a big young cock like the humiliated cuckold he is. Locked up, teased, cuckolded and humiliated — and you wish you were him, don’t you, cucky boy? :)

So I’m going to use this vacation to have a lot of great sexy fun, but I’m still taking cuckold phone calls when I can so be sure to call and I’ll tell you everything I’m up to while I’m here.  In the meantime, I thought I’d tease you with a photo of your favorite sexy hot wife sunning herself out by the pool.

Cuckold Phone Callers Ask About My Cuckold Bull: Is There One? Or More?

My cuckold phone callers ask about cuckold bull humiliation.It’s no secret that I cuckold my husband but my cuckold phone callers are always curious about “who” and “how many”.   I suppose that some people might think that the more guys your wife is fucking, the greater the cuckold humiliation, but I don’t think that’s necessarily true.   Yes, there is a built in humiliation to knowing that your wife is fucking a lot of guys.  Especially if you’re not one of them.  Knowing that lots of other guys are getting what should be exclusively yours.

But when there are several bulls, usually it’s purely sex and there might not be much more of a relationship between them and your wife.  But when there’s just one bull —  just one other man in your wife’s life, one man who’s giving her the kind of hot, mind-blowing sex you can’t — well, he can pretty much become *the* man in her life, as several of my cuckold phone callers know from personal experience.  He could even start to become the man of the house — maybe sleeping there overnight in your bed which leaves you sleeping in the guest room, taking over your chair or your parking space, or even asserting his alpha male status by ordering you around in your own house.  This kind of cuckold bull probably enjoys humiliating you as much as he enjoys fucking your wife.  He’s the kind who would enjoy watching your embarrassment as you lick  his cum out of your wife.  He’s the kind who’d suggest to your wife that you should “fluff” him for her and relish your shame when she laughingly agrees and he orders you down on your knees.  So having just one bull in your life isn’t necessarily less cuckold humiliation than having many.

But I still haven’t answered the question, have I? Do I have one cuckold bull or more?  At different times in my marriage, I’ve had both.  Which do I like better?  Do I have one or more right now?   Mmmm, you should call.  It will be so much more fun if you let me tell you all the hot, humiliating details.  :)

Cuckold Phone for Humiliating Cuckold Confessions

cuckold phone for humiliating cuckold confessionsBecause  if you’re a cuck and continually subjected to powerfully hot cuckold humiliation, you need to talk to someone about it, don’t you?  And you can’t spill your humiliating cuckold confessions to  just anyone.  If you tell a friend that it gets you hot when your wife wears stiletto heels, they’ll get it.  If you say, your biggest turn on is tying your wife to the bed with silk scarves, they might smile but they’ll understand.  But only someone who lives the cuckold lifestyle, or at least has cuckold fantasies, will understand if you say nothing makes your cock harder than the thought of your wife being fucked by another man with a cock twice the size of yours.

That’s where my cuckold phone line comes in.  It’s THE place for a cuckold husband to share the most humiliating cuckold confessions with someone who doesn’t just understand but is as turned on by it as you are.

What’s the most humiliating cuckold confession I’ve ever heard?  :)

It was the cuck whose wife made him arrange a big black cock gangbang for her.  He had to advertise online and go through the embarrassment of interviewing and passing along well hung black guys for her to choose from.   He interviewed over a dozen and she choose 6 for the gangbang, all of them with cocks that were 8 inches or bigger.  When the day of the gangbang arrived, she made him strip and told him he’d be greeting her bulls at door wearing nothing but pink panties.  But that was the least of his cuckold humiliation that day.  After they all arrived, she announced that he would be serving as her fluffer boy.  Yes, she made him get on his knees and suck each of those big black cocks  to get them hard and ready to fuck her.  Can you imagine how intensely humiliating that was??

What was your most humiliating moment?  Call me — 888-882-3513 — and make your cuckold phone confession.


Secret Cuckold Humiliation?

Cuckold phone humiliaton

Hi cucky boys! I’m finding that taking cuckold phone sex calls is turning into quite an education, even for an experienced cuckoldress like me. There are so many styles of cuckold humiliation and different humiliating nuances and I’m hearing about all of them. Some of them I’ll even be putting to use with my own cucky boy. ;)

One new thing I’ve learned is that not every cuckold husband wants to watch his wife fucking another man. I thought every cuck wanted the powerful humiliation that comes with watching his wife being pleasured by a cock twice as big as his. But not only do some of you apparently not want to watch, you don’t even want to be told. Quite a few of my cuckold phone callers know that their wives are fucking someone else  — they’ve found her cum stained panties in the hamper or driven by the house during the day and found another car parked in the driveway — but they’ve never confronted their wife about it. It seems it’s more exciting for them to know she fucks around but not have any idea if it’s a stranger or someone they know or even if it’s one man or lots of guys.

That seemed strange to me at first but now I get the appeal of it.  It’s just a different kind of cuckold humiliation. By not knowing, they go through life wondering if every man they see could be fucking their wife. It could be the next door neighbor, her boss, your own best friend or any stranger you pass on the street whose outward friendly smile masks a hidden smirk of superiority at his knowledge of your cuckold status.  And who else knows?  Are her girlfriends laughing behind your back?   Her sister?  The neighbors?

Does that describe you?  Are you walking around “knowing” but not knowing who or when or how many? Call my cuckold phone line and let’s speculate on who’s secretly snickering over your cuckold humiliation.