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Chastity Cuckold Humiliation

Cuckold chastity for cuckold phone sex callersAs a cuckolding wife, I certainly don’t have a traditional marriage.  I not only get the hottest sex from a hot young Alpha male, but I also  get to inflict the kind of cuckold humiliation on my husband that’s as much a turn for me on as the sex I get from my bull.  Cuckold chastity is something that really puts my subby hubby into his place.   As for me, I get off on keeping my cuckold husband in chastity humiliation by locking him up and wearing the silver key on a necklace or hotwife ankle bracelet for everyone to see. It’s especially embarrassing for him that all my sexy MILF girlfriends know he’s not just cuckolded but kept in chastity too.

I’m a little different from some cuckoldresses because don’t want my cuckold husband to be one of those pathetic cuckie hubbies who is granted the privilege of masturbation while I have sex with my Alpha male. No, I want him to feel all the cuckold chastity humiliation of being locked up in his tiny cage even while another man is enjoying my pussy.

I admit I push my husband’s cuckold humiliation limits, but there is a purpose for this.  He then channels all his pent up his sexual energy into pleasing me.  The longer my husband is locked up, the more submissive and obedient he becomes. Besides, chastity is the ultimate control over any submissive male whether it’s your hubby or subby.

Some of my cuckold phone callers who are new to cuckolding and the idea of cuckold chastity are shocked when they hear that while I’m enjoying being fucked by my well hung bull, my husband can’t even touch himself. In fact, he’s locked up right now and begging to be let out. He doesn’t know it yet but I’m going to make him call my bull and ask him to ask me to let him out. LMAO, now THAT’S chastity humiliation!