Cuckold Phone

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One thought on “Cuckold Phone

  1. As a cuckold husband, who in my third marraige have achieved the status of a chastised
    wimp, have much insight as to the role a cuckold can assume in a D/s relationship with a
    “hot wife”. My wife agreed to marry me only after i signed a pre-nuptial contract, which
    clearly states that i will never be allowed to have penatrative sex with my wife, because
    of my small penis size. i have never if fact ever had “normal” sex with Her, eigher before
    or after our marriage. My wife keeps my little cock in a locked CB-6000S 24/7, and during
    the first 2 years of our marriage i have had ony 6 orgasms, while my wife openly dates
    “real men” just as if She is still single. My duties include: date preperation, cream pie
    clean-up, all the housework, humiliating entertainment for my wife and Her Girlfriends at
    small parties where i am forced to expose myself naked wearing only my chastity device as
    i am laughed at and made fun of, constant teasing and denial (edging) without sexual
    release, and working hard to support my wife who spends her days having sex with other
    men as i experience extreme sexual frustration on an ongoing basis much to my Wife’s
    amusement. i must say that this lifestyle is not for everyone, but i must say that i am
    getting exactly what i deserve given that i agreed to this arrangement in the first place.

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