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Cuckold Humiliation At The Swingers Club

Cuckold humiliation for cuck hubby at the swingers club.A couple of weeks ago, I happened to find a website for swingers club that looked great and was only a couple of hours away.  I noticed immediately that they were advertising an upcoming cuckold party event.  The usual “couples and single women only” rules were suspended for the night and single men would be allowed to attend.  Carefully screened Bulls, that is.  Guys who were referred by other members of the swingers club.  The more I read about it, all I could think of was the endless possibilities for cuckold humiliation.

So I told my husband about it and he did not want to go.  I think he was afraid I might be planning a little more cuckold humiliation than he could handle. But when I told him I was going with or without him, he knew couldn’t sit at home alone, with his imagination running wild.

When my husband and I arrived, we got drinks, got a table and then I told him to stay there while I went out on the dance floor.  What better way to flirt with hot men than to be grinding up against them, right?  I danced with over a dozen guys and was propositioned by every one of them but I was biding my time.  I just told them all “Maybe later” with a provocative little smile.  Finally I left the dance floor and went to the bar, pausing for a moment to give a teasing little wave to my husband, sitting nervously in his seat.  I’d barely finished ordering my drink when a guy that I’d danced with appeared at my side and a split second later, another one was on the other side.

“Having a good time?”, the one on the right asked, leaning in against me and resting his hand on my hip.

“I’m having great time!”, I said, giving him a smile and leaning just enough toward him to rub my ass a little against him.

“You could be having an even better time,” the other one said, resting his big hand on mine and leaning down to brush his lips against my ear.

“Oh I intend to! I’ve never been to a sex club before. The atmosphere here is so exciting.  So sexually charged.  It makes me want to do something adventurous,” I replied, pressing my breast against his arm while I wiggled my ass again against the other guy. I couldn’t help smiling thinking of my husband across the room watching this little scene.

“Yeah?  Like what,” the first guy asked, sliding his hand down a little and squeezing my ass.

“Like have my husband drive us back to our place and fuck both of you while he watches,” I said nonchalantly, smiling into their startled faces.

So to make a very long, very dirty story short – yes, both of them left the swingers club with me. Them in the backseat with me while my cuck hubby drove.  And I can assure you, double the bulls DOES equal double the cuckold humiliation!  But you’ve got to call my cuckold phone sex line if you want the rest of the story.  ;)