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Craving Cuckold Humiliation

Cuckold husbands craving cuckold humiliation.One thing I’ve learned from talking to my cuckold phone sex callers is how many men there are who desperately crave cuckold humiliation but can’t get it.

It always amazes me when callers tell me that they’ve told their wives about their cuckold fantasies but their wives refuse to make them a reality.  I can’t understand how any woman would not want the complete sexual freedom she would have as a cuckoldress.  The freedom to have sex with whoever she chooses and whenever she chooses. To enjoy sex with bigger and better cocks than the one she married.

But most of all, I don’t understand why a woman wouldn’t want to seize the  chance to transform her marriage by indulging his cuckold fantasies.  When you’re a man’s cuckoldress, you have him wrapped around your little finger.  A cuckold husband is an eager to please husband.

But those women who aren’t into it themselves don’t understand how anyone could want that kind of humiliation. They can’t bring themselves to do it because they can’t imagine how a man could possibly be aroused by being sexually humiliated.  There are so many variations when it comes to humiliating a cuckold.  The humiliation of being made to lick another man’s cum out of his wife’s pussy while she tells him how her big cock lover makes her cum so much harder than he ever could.  Or having her laughingly lock his cock into a chastity cage just before she goes out on a date with another man, threatening to give the key to the cage to her lover.  Or even just the humiliation of watching his wife’s sexual pleasure as she’s being fucked by a cock twice as big as his, knowing he could never give her that.

Yes, cuckold humiliation is real humiliation but that humiliation is a huge turn on for the cuck.   And it’s a huge turn on for this cuckoldress too.  :)

Cuckold Phone Sex Fantasies

I love talking to my cuckold phone callers about their cuckold humiliation experiences! It’s a huge turn on to hear the embarrassment in their voices as they describe the humiliating situations their wives or girlfriends inflict on them.

But more than half of my cuckold phone callers want to role play cuckold fantasies. Even real life cuck husbands would often rather role play a fantasy than talk about something that actually happened to them.

It’s not surprising though because in fantasy you can tweak the all details and the dialogue as much as you want to make the scenario as intensely humiliating as you can handle. You can relive a situation where you were cuckolded and humiliated and make it the way you wish it had happened. You can role play a scenario including people and things, like family members, gang bangs, public humiliations, and so on, that might be almost impossible to make happen in real life.

I enjoy cuckold fantasies just as much as sharing real life experiences. With cuckold fantasies, I can let my imagination run wild and create a wickedly hot cuckold humiliation scene that’s as exciting for the caller as it is for me. I have no limits and no taboos and I love exploring even the most intense cuckold humiliation scenarios with you.