Cuckold Humiliation Blowjob

Cuckold humiliation blowjob for my cuckold husbandI dropped to my knees in front of him.  His legs were spread wide, giving me plenty of area to lick and kiss and suck.  I bent my head down and began to slide my tongue up the inside of his thigh and also slid one hand down between my legs to rub my pussy so he could hear how wet it was.  I was intensely aware of the powerful cuckold humiliation for my husband in watching this so I couldn’t help doing everything I could to amplify it.

I love sucking my lover’s cock but I like to start slowly and warm up gradually.  So I licked all the way up and then swept my tongue up his other thigh before starting to lick his balls.  I licked all around, slowly, carefully, caressing every inch of them with my tongue.  My poor cuckold husband made an anguished moan and that spurred me to start sucking those balls.  I lovingly sucked each one, going back and forth, listening to the response of my humiliated cuckold as he watched.   Poor man! It had been weeks since he’d cum and now he would be forced to watch his wife give another man the blowjob he so desperately wanted.

But the most agonizing was still to cum.  He almost wailed as I wrapped my mouth around his cock, pulling it into my mouth — and working my lips very lightly over his cuckold chastity cage.   Then I stopped and looked up at him, listening as he struggled to say “please” around the humiliating penis gag in his mouth.

“Aw, poor baby!  You look so desperate.  And you HAVE endured so much cuckold humiliation and sexual frustration lately, you really do deserve a reward.  I guess I could take the cage off and let you have an orgasm if you promise to eat your cum,” I said sweetly.

He nodded eagerly.  I couldn’t help but smile.  He was so frantic, so on needy, he’d agree to anything.

The doorbell rang.  I stood up.

“Oh!  My lover’s here.  No time for you to have an orgasm now.  Poor baby! So sorry to leave you tied up to this chair like this with your cock all hard and frustrated!  But you know that’s the way he likes you to be while you watch him fuck your wife.  Anyway, thanks for letting me warm up my tongue on you before he arrived.  I am SO ready for his cock now.  I’ll be right back with him and I’m sure you’ll enjoy watching me continue this blowjob on HIM.”

How many times have you fantasized about cuckold humiliation like this?  I have so many stories like this to tell you.  That’s why no one’s better than me at cuckold phone sex.  So call me now and I’ll get your cock as hard and frantic as my husband’s was when this happened to him.

Spreading The Word About Cuckold Humiliation

I outeCuckold humiliation for my friend's husbandd another one of you cuckold humiliation addicts last week. I met a friend from my former job for drinks and she told me she was going to divorce her husband. When I asked why, Lisa told me she was so sexually frustrated that she couldn’t take it anymore.

“Tim has a very small cock“, she whispered to me. “Only about four inches. I can barely feel it inside me.”

I asked her if she’d talked to him about her sexual frustration. “I did. But he doesn’t get it at all. He acted like it was some kind of turn on for him! Started asking me about my old boyfriend who had a big cock. Jerome. Do you remember Jerome?”

Mmm, I was much better acquainted with Jerome and his last-all-night big black cock than she knew but I thought I’d better not mention that so I just nodded.

“Tim didn’t seem to realize I was serious! He actually wanted to have sex! Well, not sex exactly. He said he wanted me to fuck myself with a big dildo and pretend I was fucking Jerome, while he watched me and masturbated.  What an ass! I told him I didn’t want a dildo, I wanted a divorce.”

I asked a few more questions and the more she told me the more sure I was that Tim was a prime candidate for cuckold humiliation and small cock humiliation.  I decided to tell her about me and my marriage.  She was amazed but fascinated when I explained her about how my husband and my cuckold phone callers get off on being cuckolded and humiliated.

“So you think Tim would be turned on if I was fucking other men?” she asked.

“I’m so sure I wouldn’t be surprised if he isn’t one of my cuckold phone sex callers.  But that’s not the point.  It really doesn’t matter if he’s into it or not.  This is about YOU,” I replied. “You need to get back to having great sex again.  You’re going to go home tonight and tell him that from now on, things are going to be different.  That you’re entitled to great sex and since his small cock couldn’t provide it, he is now officially a cuckold husband with all the humiliation that entails. He can learn to get into it or you will divorce him.”

“You’re right,” she said. “That’s what I need to do.  But I haven’t fucked anyone else yet, so he’s not a real cuckold husband yet.”

“He will be by the time you get home,” I smiled.  “Did you know that Jerome works at the bar right down the street?”

Craving Cuckold Humiliation

Cuckold husbands craving cuckold humiliation.One thing I’ve learned from talking to my cuckold phone sex callers is how many men there are who desperately crave cuckold humiliation but can’t get it.

It always amazes me when callers tell me that they’ve told their wives about their cuckold fantasies but their wives refuse to make them a reality.  I can’t understand how any woman would not want the complete sexual freedom she would have as a cuckoldress.  The freedom to have sex with whoever she chooses and whenever she chooses. To enjoy sex with bigger and better cocks than the one she married.

But most of all, I don’t understand why a woman wouldn’t want to seize the  chance to transform her marriage by indulging his cuckold fantasies.  When you’re a man’s cuckoldress, you have him wrapped around your little finger.  A cuckold husband is an eager to please husband.

But those women who aren’t into it themselves don’t understand how anyone could want that kind of humiliation. They can’t bring themselves to do it because they can’t imagine how a man could possibly be aroused by being sexually humiliated.  There are so many variations when it comes to humiliating a cuckold.  The humiliation of being made to lick another man’s cum out of his wife’s pussy while she tells him how her big cock lover makes her cum so much harder than he ever could.  Or having her laughingly lock his cock into a chastity cage just before she goes out on a date with another man, threatening to give the key to the cage to her lover.  Or even just the humiliation of watching his wife’s sexual pleasure as she’s being fucked by a cock twice as big as his, knowing he could never give her that.

Yes, cuckold humiliation is real humiliation but that humiliation is a huge turn on for the cuck.   And it’s a huge turn on for this cuckoldress too.  :)

Sissy Cuckold Humiliation

Sissy cuckold humiliationHey, guys! As you probably already know, there are lots of different ways to be a cuckold.  And nearly all of  them are a form of humiliation, which is something we both appreciate, right?

One of those types of cuckold humiliation that I’ve been experimenting with more and more often with my cucky callers is the ownership of a sissy cuckold.  I have a few who are interested in feminization to go along with their cuckold fantasies, and I’m not the kind of girl to turn down an opportunity to humiliate a cuckold!

Obviously, being a cuckold is embarrassing all on its own, as is being a sissy.  But it’s when you put the two together it can take cuckold humiliation to a whole new level.  And you know what?  I can absolutely get behind that.

I’ve been talking to my sissy cucks about how I’d first dress my humiliated cuckold up in something suitably embarrassing, like a sexy French maid’s outfit.  Then, I have them clomp around my house in very impractical heels, getting everything ready for the arrival of my bull.  I might have them make dinner, put freshly-washed sheets on my bed (freshly-washed by my sissy maid, of course!), help me get dolled for the occasion, or any number of things, really.

When my bull comes over, my sissy cuck would answer the door and lets him in.  Sissy boy would be “letting him in” in other ways, too, but let’s not get too ahead of ourselves just yet.

Sissy boy would also be a good little housewife who serves us dinner and drinks and does anything else we so desire.  And when time comes to head to the bedroom, it’ll be my sissy cuckold leading the way like a good hostess.  Then, he’ll sit back and watch what happens next.

My bull will be there for me, of course, but after he completely exhausts me, it’s time for the next phase of cuckold humiliation.  For instance, there’s a very good possibility that he would expect the other “woman”–and I do use this term very, very loosely–in the room to entertain him.  Starting with getting down between my legs and licking up the fresh cuckold creampie.  And then, cleaning HIM up too.  :)

Cuckold Humiliation Stories

Tell me your cuckold humiliation stories.One of the best things about cuckold phone sex is getting to hear so many of my callers’ cuckold humiliation stories.  Being cuckolded is inherently humiliating but some of you cucks have had cuckold humiliation experiences that were so intense I’m surprised your little cocks didn’t just shrivel up and fall off on the spot.

Like the humiliation of coming home unexpectedly and finding your wife in your bed, naked and orgasming to the thrusts of another man’s cock.   The first time you saw your wife’s lover’s cock and realized it was more than twice the size of your little pricklette.  Being told to get between her legs, press your lips against her freshly fucked pussy and lick out all the creamy cum that her lover left behind just for you.

Or maybe what has to be the most emasculating cuckold humiliation – getting down on your knees and taking that huge cock of his in your mouth to “fluff” and get him ready to give her the kind of raw sexual pleasure you can’t.

But as humiliating as those moments were when they happened, it’s still irresistibly hot to call me and re-live them in every shameful detail.  Because for most of you, the humiliation of being cuckolded IS the turn on — and it is for me too.  I want to hear about the shame of watching your wife pursue and enjoy other men because you’re not man enough for her.  Tell me about the embarrassment of all her friends knowing she fucks other men and about your passive acceptance of being cuckolded and humiliated.  Tell me how emasculating it is to lick another man’s cum out of your wife or be ordered to get on your knees and take his cock in your mouth  while she watches and laughs.

You want to tell someone.  You need to tell someone.  And no one will understand — and enjoy — your secret cuckold humiliation better than a cuckold humiliatrix like me.

Small Cock Cuckold Humiliation

cuckold-humiliation-small-cockBeing forced to recognize the inadequacy of your cock is an almost universal part of cuckold humiliation.  Having an average or big cock doesn’t guarantee you won’t be cuckolded but having a small cock pretty much guarantees that you will be.   And if you have an average or bigger cock and your woman cuckolds you, you’ll have to deal with the fact that her lover will almost definitely have a bigger cock than yours.

One of my cuckold phone callers recently asked me, “The truth now. All that stuff about women wanting big cocks — that’s all fantasy, right?  An average cock like mine gets the job done just fine, doesn’t it?”  Ummm, no.  It’s not a cuckold humiliation fantasy when I tell you that your “average” skinny 5 inch cock does not deliver the kind of sexual pleasure that a woman gets from a thick  7 or 8 inch cock.   You don’t have to take my word for it.  Watch her when he’s fucking her.  Look at her face while he’s pumping that big thick rod into her.  You’ll see a sexual ecstasy on her face that you never saw when you were fucking her.  Just because some chart told you that your cock size is average, don’t think for a minute that you aren’t a disappointment between the sheets compared to her larger cocked lovers.

At least you cucks with a really small cock have usually had enough experience with small cock humiliation that you know without a doubt how totally useless your puny pricklette is.  You’ve seen the looks on women’s faces when you drop your pants and they get their first look at what you have — or should I say “don’t have” — between your legs.  You’ve heard her ask “Is it in yet?” and blushed with embarrassment because you had to answer “yes”.  You’ve looked at her secret collection of sex toys and can’t help but notice that the dildos are all much larger than your tiny tool.

Does all that sound familiar?  I thought so.  :)  Let’s talk and we’ll relive all your shameful moments of cuckold humiliation.

LIVE Cuckold Humiliation Phone Sex

Live cuckold humiliation phone sexI get lots of cuckold phone sex calls where I can dish out cuckold humiliation but I’ve never had one before where I could talk to the cuck as we both listened to his wife with her lover.

It wasn’t a fantasy or role play. This cuckold husband called me and told me that his wife was about to cuckold him for the first time. They’d been married for several years and he was always aware that his wife was sexually frustrated by his small cock. Over the years, he became more and more fascinated by cuckolding. He talked to her many times about it but it took him a few years to convince her that he really did want her to cuckold him with a big cock lover. So she connected with a well hung stud through a sex personals site. That night, she met him in person, was very attracted to him and called her husband — my caller — and told him they were going to a hotel.

He was sitting at home, excited at the thought of her fucking another man and getting the big cock she deserved but also beginning to understand what it is to be cuckolded and humiliated and called me to talk about it. He got plenty more cuckold humiliation from me. I taunted him about his inadequate cock and gave him my opinion that his life was about to change forever. This would be just the first of many nights he’d be sitting alone at home, while some other well endowed man gave his wife the pleasure he couldn’t. That she was probably enjoying that big cock right then as we spoke.

The more I talked, the more agitated he got. Finally he couldn’t stand it anymore and called his wife on his cell phone while I listened. I could hear her voice — the breathy, satisfied sound of a woman being pleasured right at that moment. I could hear the grunts of a man in the background. She kept telling her newly cuckolded husband she had to go and they’d talk later but he wouldn’t hang up. Then she stopped talking but we could both still hear her, panting and gasping, obviously being fucked, and finally letting out a hot passionate scream of her lover’s name as an orgasm hit her.

What about you? Is your wife cuckolding you? Are you having conflicted feelings about it too? You should call my cuckold phone sex line so you can talk about the reality of cuckold humiliation with someone like me who “gets it”.

The Ultimate Cuckold Humiliation – Cuckold Fluffer Boy

fluffer boy cuckold humiliationCuckold humiliation — it’s kind of redundant, isn’t it? I don’t think I’ve ever had a cuckold phone sex caller who wouldn’t agree that a cuckold husband is a humiliated husband. Everything about being a cuckold is humiliating. Knowing that your wife is fucking another man. Maybe someone you know — a friend, a neighbor. That you aren’t “enough” to satisfy her sexually. That her girlfriends know about your secret shame. Maybe even your friends too.

But some kinds of cuckold humiliation are much edgier than others, aren’t they? Like when you have to lick your wife’s cum filled pussy clean. When she brings her bull home to sleep in your bed and banishes you to the guest room. Then lying awake all night, listening to the sounds of his grunts and her gasps as she cums from being pounded with his much larger cock.

But the edgiest, most intense humiliation of all has to be finding yourself on your knees, forced to be a cuckold fluffer for your wife’s bull. It’s not just the humiliation of having to suck the cock of the man who fucks your wife. It’s the humiliation of sucking that cock so he can use it to fuck her right in front of you. And the shame of knowing your wife is watching, smirking at your cuckold fluffer humiliation, and that she’ll never take you seriously as a man again.

I enjoy all my cuckold phone sex calls but the cuckold humiliation confessions can be the most exciting of all. What’s your shameful cuckold secret?

Cuckold Phone Callers Ask About My Cuckold Bull: Is There One? Or More?

My cuckold phone callers ask about cuckold bull humiliation.It’s no secret that I cuckold my husband but my cuckold phone callers are always curious about “who” and “how many”.   I suppose that some people might think that the more guys your wife is fucking, the greater the cuckold humiliation, but I don’t think that’s necessarily true.   Yes, there is a built in humiliation to knowing that your wife is fucking a lot of guys.  Especially if you’re not one of them.  Knowing that lots of other guys are getting what should be exclusively yours.

But when there are several bulls, usually it’s purely sex and there might not be much more of a relationship between them and your wife.  But when there’s just one bull —  just one other man in your wife’s life, one man who’s giving her the kind of hot, mind-blowing sex you can’t — well, he can pretty much become *the* man in her life, as several of my cuckold phone callers know from personal experience.  He could even start to become the man of the house — maybe sleeping there overnight in your bed which leaves you sleeping in the guest room, taking over your chair or your parking space, or even asserting his alpha male status by ordering you around in your own house.  This kind of cuckold bull probably enjoys humiliating you as much as he enjoys fucking your wife.  He’s the kind who would enjoy watching your embarrassment as you lick  his cum out of your wife.  He’s the kind who’d suggest to your wife that you should “fluff” him for her and relish your shame when she laughingly agrees and he orders you down on your knees.  So having just one bull in your life isn’t necessarily less cuckold humiliation than having many.

But I still haven’t answered the question, have I? Do I have one cuckold bull or more?  At different times in my marriage, I’ve had both.  Which do I like better?  Do I have one or more right now?   Mmmm, you should call.  It will be so much more fun if you let me tell you all the hot, humiliating details.  :)

Secret Cuckold Humiliation?

Cuckold phone humiliaton

Hi cucky boys! I’m finding that taking cuckold phone sex calls is turning into quite an education, even for an experienced cuckoldress like me. There are so many styles of cuckold humiliation and different humiliating nuances and I’m hearing about all of them. Some of them I’ll even be putting to use with my own cucky boy. ;)

One new thing I’ve learned is that not every cuckold husband wants to watch his wife fucking another man. I thought every cuck wanted the powerful humiliation that comes with watching his wife being pleasured by a cock twice as big as his. But not only do some of you apparently not want to watch, you don’t even want to be told. Quite a few of my cuckold phone callers know that their wives are fucking someone else  — they’ve found her cum stained panties in the hamper or driven by the house during the day and found another car parked in the driveway — but they’ve never confronted their wife about it. It seems it’s more exciting for them to know she fucks around but not have any idea if it’s a stranger or someone they know or even if it’s one man or lots of guys.

That seemed strange to me at first but now I get the appeal of it.  It’s just a different kind of cuckold humiliation. By not knowing, they go through life wondering if every man they see could be fucking their wife. It could be the next door neighbor, her boss, your own best friend or any stranger you pass on the street whose outward friendly smile masks a hidden smirk of superiority at his knowledge of your cuckold status.  And who else knows?  Are her girlfriends laughing behind your back?   Her sister?  The neighbors?

Does that describe you?  Are you walking around “knowing” but not knowing who or when or how many? Call my cuckold phone line and let’s speculate on who’s secretly snickering over your cuckold humiliation.