Cuckold Phone Callers Ask About My Cuckold Bull: Is There One? Or More?

My cuckold phone callers ask about cuckold bull humiliation.It’s no secret that I cuckold my husband but my cuckold phone callers are always curious about “who” and “how many”.   I suppose that some people might think that the more guys your wife is fucking, the greater the cuckold humiliation, but I don’t think that’s necessarily true.   Yes, there is a built in humiliation to knowing that your wife is fucking a lot of guys.  Especially if you’re not one of them.  Knowing that lots of other guys are getting what should be exclusively yours.

But when there are several bulls, usually it’s purely sex and there might not be much more of a relationship between them and your wife.  But when there’s just one bull —  just one other man in your wife’s life, one man who’s giving her the kind of hot, mind-blowing sex you can’t — well, he can pretty much become *the* man in her life, as several of my cuckold phone callers know from personal experience.  He could even start to become the man of the house — maybe sleeping there overnight in your bed which leaves you sleeping in the guest room, taking over your chair or your parking space, or even asserting his alpha male status by ordering you around in your own house.  This kind of cuckold bull probably enjoys humiliating you as much as he enjoys fucking your wife.  He’s the kind who would enjoy watching your embarrassment as you lick  his cum out of your wife.  He’s the kind who’d suggest to your wife that you should “fluff” him for her and relish your shame when she laughingly agrees and he orders you down on your knees.  So having just one bull in your life isn’t necessarily less cuckold humiliation than having many.

But I still haven’t answered the question, have I? Do I have one cuckold bull or more?  At different times in my marriage, I’ve had both.  Which do I like better?  Do I have one or more right now?   Mmmm, you should call.  It will be so much more fun if you let me tell you all the hot, humiliating details.  :)