Cuckold Phone for Humiliating Cuckold Confessions

cuckold phone for humiliating cuckold confessionsBecause  if you’re a cuck and continually subjected to powerfully hot cuckold humiliation, you need to talk to someone about it, don’t you?  And you can’t spill your humiliating cuckold confessions to  just anyone.  If you tell a friend that it gets you hot when your wife wears stiletto heels, they’ll get it.  If you say, your biggest turn on is tying your wife to the bed with silk scarves, they might smile but they’ll understand.  But only someone who lives the cuckold lifestyle, or at least has cuckold fantasies, will understand if you say nothing makes your cock harder than the thought of your wife being fucked by another man with a cock twice the size of yours.

That’s where my cuckold phone line comes in.  It’s THE place for a cuckold husband to share the most humiliating cuckold confessions with someone who doesn’t just understand but is as turned on by it as you are.

What’s the most humiliating cuckold confession I’ve ever heard?  :)

It was the cuck whose wife made him arrange a big black cock gangbang for her.  He had to advertise online and go through the embarrassment of interviewing and passing along well hung black guys for her to choose from.   He interviewed over a dozen and she choose 6 for the gangbang, all of them with cocks that were 8 inches or bigger.  When the day of the gangbang arrived, she made him strip and told him he’d be greeting her bulls at door wearing nothing but pink panties.  But that was the least of his cuckold humiliation that day.  After they all arrived, she announced that he would be serving as her fluffer boy.  Yes, she made him get on his knees and suck each of those big black cocks  to get them hard and ready to fuck her.  Can you imagine how intensely humiliating that was??

What was your most humiliating moment?  Call me — 888-882-3513 — and make your cuckold phone confession.