Cuckold Humiliation Blowjob

Cuckold humiliation blowjob for my cuckold husbandI dropped to my knees in front of him.  His legs were spread wide, giving me plenty of area to lick and kiss and suck.  I bent my head down and began to slide my tongue up the inside of his thigh and also slid one hand down between my legs to rub my pussy so he could hear how wet it was.  I was intensely aware of the powerful cuckold humiliation for my husband in watching this so I couldn’t help doing everything I could to amplify it.

I love sucking my lover’s cock but I like to start slowly and warm up gradually.  So I licked all the way up and then swept my tongue up his other thigh before starting to lick his balls.  I licked all around, slowly, carefully, caressing every inch of them with my tongue.  My poor cuckold husband made an anguished moan and that spurred me to start sucking those balls.  I lovingly sucked each one, going back and forth, listening to the response of my humiliated cuckold as he watched.   Poor man! It had been weeks since he’d cum and now he would be forced to watch his wife give another man the blowjob he so desperately wanted.

But the most agonizing was still to cum.  He almost wailed as I wrapped my mouth around his cock, pulling it into my mouth — and working my lips very lightly over his cuckold chastity cage.   Then I stopped and looked up at him, listening as he struggled to say “please” around the humiliating penis gag in his mouth.

“Aw, poor baby!  You look so desperate.  And you HAVE endured so much cuckold humiliation and sexual frustration lately, you really do deserve a reward.  I guess I could take the cage off and let you have an orgasm if you promise to eat your cum,” I said sweetly.

He nodded eagerly.  I couldn’t help but smile.  He was so frantic, so on needy, he’d agree to anything.

The doorbell rang.  I stood up.

“Oh!  My lover’s here.  No time for you to have an orgasm now.  Poor baby! So sorry to leave you tied up to this chair like this with your cock all hard and frustrated!  But you know that’s the way he likes you to be while you watch him fuck your wife.  Anyway, thanks for letting me warm up my tongue on you before he arrived.  I am SO ready for his cock now.  I’ll be right back with him and I’m sure you’ll enjoy watching me continue this blowjob on HIM.”

How many times have you fantasized about cuckold humiliation like this?  I have so many stories like this to tell you.  That’s why no one’s better than me at cuckold phone sex.  So call me now and I’ll get your cock as hard and frantic as my husband’s was when this happened to him.

So I Was Talking To My Bull About Cuckold Humiliation And . . . .

The bad news is I have been so busy lately that I’ve been neglecting everything, even things I really love like my cuckold phone sex callers. The good news is that what’s been keeping me busy is another new cuckold humiliation adventure.

The bull's secret craving for cuckold humiliationA couple of months ago I met new potential bull.  Peter was great. Almost perfect for me. Not the biggest cock I’ve ever had and not the most stamina but absolutely the best bull attitude I’ve ever seen. He was as turned on by the cuckold humiliation aspect as the sex, just like I am.

So I’ve been cuckolding my husband with Peter for a few months. The actual sex has been fantastic and he was unbelievably good with doing and saying things himself to humiliate my husband. It was even better because he also always wanted to either get together or talk on the phone the next day to recap what happened the night before. He wanted to hear all about how my husband reacted to what he saw or heard, what he said afterward, especially if he was right there watching us, and what things I said to him or made him do. Every humiliating detail. I could tell he was really into it.

Yes. Really, really into it. Then during one of these conversations on the phone about two weeks ago, I was sure he was masturbating and I suddenly got a flash of insight.

“You’re getting off on the idea of being cuckolded, aren’t you? You’re fantasizing at the thought of YOU being the humiliated cuckold.”

He tried to deny but it was obvious to me that I was right. I was pretty surprised at first to realize that my “perfect” bull was a cuckold at heart but it also explained why he knew so well how to humiliate a cuckold husband.  He was just doing to my husband what he wished someone would do to him.

He continued to deny it and eventually I got tired of arguing.  Whether he’d admit it or not, I knew I was right and I already knew what I was going to do.

About a week later, he came to my house for our regular weekly date.  I was alone in the house when he arrived and when he asked if my husband was going to be watching us tonight, I told him no.  We had drinks, talked a bit and had just started to kiss when my doorbell rang.

“I’ve got to get that,” I said.  “Wait here.  I’ll be right back.”

He tried to stop me, telling me to ignore it and whoever it was would go away but I just laughed and left to answer the door.  I returned in just a moment, but I wasn’t alone.

“Peter, this is Kevin.  Kevin is another one of my bulls,” I said with a smile.  Peter looked startled at first and then his face started to flush as he began to realize what I would say next.  “Yes, yes, I think you understand.  Tonight, HE’S the bull.  Tonight I’m cuckolding you.”

So then I  ……. mmmm, no.  :) I know I’m a terrible cocktease but I’m saving all the dirty details of that night for my cuckold phone sex callers.  But you really should call because you’re going to be as turned on as Peter was by how mercilessly I pushed his cuckold humiliation to the limit.  :)


Cuckold Bull Phone Sex

Cuckold phone sex bull callsI got a new caller the other day and the first thing he said was “Is your cuckold phone sex line just for cucks?  What about bulls?”   Well, YES!  I love talking to bulls. If you know me, you know how much I love cuckold humiliation and every true bull I’ve ever known loves it too so we have a lot to talk about.

This particular bull who called me was actually very new to cuckolding and wanted to talk about his experiences and get some ideas and advice from an experienced cuckoldress.   He saw an ad on a sex personals site from a couple looking for a bull and even though he’d never heard of cuckolding before, he was instantly turned on by the thought of fucking another man’s wife, especially right in front of him.  They specified in the ad that they wanted a well hung cuckold bull and since he had 8 inches of “qualifications”, he replied to the ad.  Within two days, he’d discovered that he not only loved fucking another man’s wife, but enjoyed taunting the small cock cuckold as well.

He said he got a special kick from watching the humiliated cuckold  immediately afterward, licking up his cum as it oozed out of her freshly fucked pussy.  He liked it so much that he’d been thinking about having the cuck clean him up afterward too next time and he wanted to know what I thought about that.  We ended up having a very hot conversation where I described to him in detail how much I enjoy forcing my cuckie’s head down on the cock that just serviced me, not just to clean it up, but to also get it hard and ready to fuck me again.  I came as hard as he did during that conversation!

I think maybe I need to start advertising cuckold bull phone sex too.  :)



Cuckold Training

Cuckold training phone sexHi, guys!  Cuckold training is something that I’m often asked about, especially by cuckold phone sex callers or men who are considering the cuckold lifestyle. That question is “What kind of training do I need or what do I need to work on to become a good cuck for my wife/girlfriend/Mistress?”

The answer is a little more complex than it might seem. It mostly depends on the preferences of who is cuckolding you. I can train you to my own specifications, but if your wife is also cuckolding you, what she wants from you and what I want from you might be two different things. Some women are mostly focused on getting great sex from their bull but for some, like me, cuckold humiliation  is just as important and makes the great sex even hotter.

That brings me to my first piece of advice, which is to sit down with your would-be Cuckoldress and openly and honestly discuss each others’ expectations. Personally, I don’t require a certain level of experience from my cucks or anything like that. All I want you to have is an open mind, a good attitude, and a willingness to do what you’re told, no matter how humiliating.  Because you can be sure that my cuckold training will be humiliating!

So if I’m training you to be my cuck, then one of the first things you’re going to learn is that any orgasm you’re ever allowed to have  will be achieved in a humiliating way.  And an orgasm  is never assured. If I let you cum, it’s a gift to be treasured, not something to be expected. And since it’s a gift, I expect you to be appropriately grateful.

Another one of the things we’ll cover first is cum eating. Want to be good at creampie cleanup? Well, first you’ll have to be trained to eat cum. Willingness to eagerly lick up another man’s cum from your Cuckoldress’ freshly fucked pussy is an essential part of my required cuckold humiliation. We’ll start with you eating your own cum for me first and then go up from there. Baby steps and all that.

There are lots of other things involved with cuckold phone training, but I figure that’s a good start for you to think about now if you’re a newbie cuck. If you’d like to know more or if you’d like to begin your own training, you can always give me a call for some cuckold phone sex.

Making My Cuckold Husband Interview My Bulls

Cuckold humiliation for my husband, interviewing my bullsHello, all my devoted cuckold humiliation addicts!  I haven’t been blogging for a while but what can I say?  I’d rather be fucking big cocks or humiliating you on cuckold phone sex calls than writing in my blog.  But I know you cuckies love to hear about my sexy adventures and I do like to tease and titillate you so ……

One of the things I’ve done sometimes to humiliate my cuckold husband is make him place personal ads on sex sites saying he’s a cuckold and looking for a well hung bull to fuck his wife.  You wouldn’t believe how many replies he gets!  I read every one with him and pick out the most humiliating ones for him to reply to.  I make him reply explaining all the embarrassing details about our relationship, even including how I’ve made him lick my cum-filled pussy clean in front of the bull who just fucked me.

I make him exchange emails with a few of the bulls until I narrow it down to two or three that I like and then I make him go with me to meet and “interview” them.  Trust me when I say that sitting in a restaurant across from your wife, watching her flirt with a man who knows that getting her into bed depends a lot on how well he displays the kind of macho, husband-humiliating attitude she wants, can be pretty intense cuckold humiliation!  IF the guy is good at it, that is, and I always try to choose bulls that are.  There was this one really hot guy once who ……..

Haha, I told you I like to tease and titillate you!   I know you want to hear the rest of the story and  that’s what cuckold phone sex calls are for.  :)  Call me and I’ll tell you every dirty, humiliating detail!


Chastity Cuckold Humiliation

Cuckold chastity for cuckold phone sex callersAs a cuckolding wife, I certainly don’t have a traditional marriage.  I not only get the hottest sex from a hot young Alpha male, but I also  get to inflict the kind of cuckold humiliation on my husband that’s as much a turn for me on as the sex I get from my bull.  Cuckold chastity is something that really puts my subby hubby into his place.   As for me, I get off on keeping my cuckold husband in chastity humiliation by locking him up and wearing the silver key on a necklace or hotwife ankle bracelet for everyone to see. It’s especially embarrassing for him that all my sexy MILF girlfriends know he’s not just cuckolded but kept in chastity too.

I’m a little different from some cuckoldresses because don’t want my cuckold husband to be one of those pathetic cuckie hubbies who is granted the privilege of masturbation while I have sex with my Alpha male. No, I want him to feel all the cuckold chastity humiliation of being locked up in his tiny cage even while another man is enjoying my pussy.

I admit I push my husband’s cuckold humiliation limits, but there is a purpose for this.  He then channels all his pent up his sexual energy into pleasing me.  The longer my husband is locked up, the more submissive and obedient he becomes. Besides, chastity is the ultimate control over any submissive male whether it’s your hubby or subby.

Some of my cuckold phone callers who are new to cuckolding and the idea of cuckold chastity are shocked when they hear that while I’m enjoying being fucked by my well hung bull, my husband can’t even touch himself. In fact, he’s locked up right now and begging to be let out. He doesn’t know it yet but I’m going to make him call my bull and ask him to ask me to let him out. LMAO, now THAT’S chastity humiliation!

Cuckold Phone Sex Fantasies

I love talking to my cuckold phone callers about their cuckold humiliation experiences! It’s a huge turn on to hear the embarrassment in their voices as they describe the humiliating situations their wives or girlfriends inflict on them.

But more than half of my cuckold phone callers want to role play cuckold fantasies. Even real life cuck husbands would often rather role play a fantasy than talk about something that actually happened to them.

It’s not surprising though because in fantasy you can tweak the all details and the dialogue as much as you want to make the scenario as intensely humiliating as you can handle. You can relive a situation where you were cuckolded and humiliated and make it the way you wish it had happened. You can role play a scenario including people and things, like family members, gang bangs, public humiliations, and so on, that might be almost impossible to make happen in real life.

I enjoy cuckold fantasies just as much as sharing real life experiences. With cuckold fantasies, I can let my imagination run wild and create a wickedly hot cuckold humiliation scene that’s as exciting for the caller as it is for me. I have no limits and no taboos and I love exploring even the most intense cuckold humiliation scenarios with you.

Cuckold Phone Calls By The Pool

Cuckold phone calls by the poolHello cucky boy!  I am on vacation, staying with a friend in Florida — who is also a cuckold wife with an appreciation for the joys of cuckold humiliation —  and we have an amazing amount of fun planned for my visit. My friend is into young cock and we went out to a dance club on Saturday night with her 21 year old bull and a hot young friend of his. The dance club was fun but the hot sex between the four of us afterward was even more fun. Both of those guys have 8+ inch cocks and all the sexual stamina that goes with being 21 years old.

Even in the midst of that great sex, I didn’t forget about my cuck hubby though. I decided to give him a special dose of long distance cuckold humiliation. So I called him right in the middle of the fun and left the phone line open so he’d hear his wife getting fucked. Unfortunately for him, his cuckold phone call didn’t end the way most of yours do though because I locked him into a chastity cage before I left. Yes, I’m on vacation, getting great sex every day, and he can’t even masturbate. All he could do was groan and suffer, stuffed inside that little cage, while he listened to me enjoying a big young cock like the humiliated cuckold he is. Locked up, teased, cuckolded and humiliated — and you wish you were him, don’t you, cucky boy? :)

So I’m going to use this vacation to have a lot of great sexy fun, but I’m still taking cuckold phone calls when I can so be sure to call and I’ll tell you everything I’m up to while I’m here.  In the meantime, I thought I’d tease you with a photo of your favorite sexy hot wife sunning herself out by the pool.

Cuckold Phone for Humiliating Cuckold Confessions

cuckold phone for humiliating cuckold confessionsBecause  if you’re a cuck and continually subjected to powerfully hot cuckold humiliation, you need to talk to someone about it, don’t you?  And you can’t spill your humiliating cuckold confessions to  just anyone.  If you tell a friend that it gets you hot when your wife wears stiletto heels, they’ll get it.  If you say, your biggest turn on is tying your wife to the bed with silk scarves, they might smile but they’ll understand.  But only someone who lives the cuckold lifestyle, or at least has cuckold fantasies, will understand if you say nothing makes your cock harder than the thought of your wife being fucked by another man with a cock twice the size of yours.

That’s where my cuckold phone line comes in.  It’s THE place for a cuckold husband to share the most humiliating cuckold confessions with someone who doesn’t just understand but is as turned on by it as you are.

What’s the most humiliating cuckold confession I’ve ever heard?  :)

It was the cuck whose wife made him arrange a big black cock gangbang for her.  He had to advertise online and go through the embarrassment of interviewing and passing along well hung black guys for her to choose from.   He interviewed over a dozen and she choose 6 for the gangbang, all of them with cocks that were 8 inches or bigger.  When the day of the gangbang arrived, she made him strip and told him he’d be greeting her bulls at door wearing nothing but pink panties.  But that was the least of his cuckold humiliation that day.  After they all arrived, she announced that he would be serving as her fluffer boy.  Yes, she made him get on his knees and suck each of those big black cocks  to get them hard and ready to fuck her.  Can you imagine how intensely humiliating that was??

What was your most humiliating moment?  Call me — 888-882-3513 — and make your cuckold phone confession.