Cuckold Training

Cuckold training phone sexHi, guys!  Cuckold training is something that I’m often asked about, especially by cuckold phone sex callers or men who are considering the cuckold lifestyle. That question is “What kind of training do I need or what do I need to work on to become a good cuck for my wife/girlfriend/Mistress?”

The answer is a little more complex than it might seem. It mostly depends on the preferences of who is cuckolding you. I can train you to my own specifications, but if your wife is also cuckolding you, what she wants from you and what I want from you might be two different things. Some women are mostly focused on getting great sex from their bull but for some, like me, cuckold humiliation  is just as important and makes the great sex even hotter.

That brings me to my first piece of advice, which is to sit down with your would-be Cuckoldress and openly and honestly discuss each others’ expectations. Personally, I don’t require a certain level of experience from my cucks or anything like that. All I want you to have is an open mind, a good attitude, and a willingness to do what you’re told, no matter how humiliating.  Because you can be sure that my cuckold training will be humiliating!

So if I’m training you to be my cuck, then one of the first things you’re going to learn is that any orgasm you’re ever allowed to have  will be achieved in a humiliating way.  And an orgasm  is never assured. If I let you cum, it’s a gift to be treasured, not something to be expected. And since it’s a gift, I expect you to be appropriately grateful.

Another one of the things we’ll cover first is cum eating. Want to be good at creampie cleanup? Well, first you’ll have to be trained to eat cum. Willingness to eagerly lick up another man’s cum from your Cuckoldress’ freshly fucked pussy is an essential part of my required cuckold humiliation. We’ll start with you eating your own cum for me first and then go up from there. Baby steps and all that.

There are lots of other things involved with cuckold phone training, but I figure that’s a good start for you to think about now if you’re a newbie cuck. If you’d like to know more or if you’d like to begin your own training, you can always give me a call for some cuckold phone sex.