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Cuckold phone humiliation with cuckoldress Kristi

Cuckold Phone Humiliation
with Kristi

Hi, cuckies! I’m Kristi and my specialty is cuckold phone humiliation because I am a born cuckoldress. Even when I was a teenager, I didn’t really have boyfriends so much as adoring slaves. I was always cheating on them and the more I did it, the harder they worked to please me and keep my attention. I’d never even heard the word cuckolding yet but I was already becoming pretty expert in the art of cuckold humiliation. It just came naturally to me.

It all came together for me a few years later when my current boyfriend caught me in bed with a friend of his. He certainly looked shocked but not angry and I couldn’t help but notice the little “tent” in his pants before he quickly turned away and walked out. We had a long talk after that and he told me about his cuckold fantasies. That was the first time I realized that my previous boyfriends weren’t just pussies who put up with the humiliation of being cheated on, they were actually turned on by it. That was also when I realized it was the same for me. I wasn’t fucking around just for the sex but because humiliating my devoted slaveboys was a turn on for me too.

That’s how I became a cuckoldress. After a lot of discussion about how I intended my sex life to continue and the kind of cuckold humiliation he could be expected to endure, my boyfriend eventually became my cuckold husband. It hasn’t always been easy for him because sometimes my actions and my demands have exceeded his fantasies but it’s been fantastic for me. Every woman should have the kind of absolute sexual freedom I have!

And I love sharing the stories of all my kinkiest sexual adventures with my cuckold phone sex callers. Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be tied up naked, locked into a chastity cage and be forced to watch your wife being fucked by a cock twice the size of yours? Fantasized about being tricked into eating creampie? I’ve done all those things and almost any other kind of cuckold humiliation you can imagine. All the hot, humiliating details are just a phone call away!

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