So I Was Talking To My Bull About Cuckold Humiliation And . . . .

The bad news is I have been so busy lately that I’ve been neglecting everything, even things I really love like my cuckold phone sex callers. The good news is that what’s been keeping me busy is another new cuckold humiliation adventure.

The bull's secret craving for cuckold humiliationA couple of months ago I met new potential bull.  Peter was great. Almost perfect for me. Not the biggest cock I’ve ever had and not the most stamina but absolutely the best bull attitude I’ve ever seen. He was as turned on by the cuckold humiliation aspect as the sex, just like I am.

So I’ve been cuckolding my husband with Peter for a few months. The actual sex has been fantastic and he was unbelievably good with doing and saying things himself to humiliate my husband. It was even better because he also always wanted to either get together or talk on the phone the next day to recap what happened the night before. He wanted to hear all about how my husband reacted to what he saw or heard, what he said afterward, especially if he was right there watching us, and what things I said to him or made him do. Every humiliating detail. I could tell he was really into it.

Yes. Really, really into it. Then during one of these conversations on the phone about two weeks ago, I was sure he was masturbating and I suddenly got a flash of insight.

“You’re getting off on the idea of being cuckolded, aren’t you? You’re fantasizing at the thought of YOU being the humiliated cuckold.”

He tried to deny but it was obvious to me that I was right. I was pretty surprised at first to realize that my “perfect” bull was a cuckold at heart but it also explained why he knew so well how to humiliate a cuckold husband.  He was just doing to my husband what he wished someone would do to him.

He continued to deny it and eventually I got tired of arguing.  Whether he’d admit it or not, I knew I was right and I already knew what I was going to do.

About a week later, he came to my house for our regular weekly date.  I was alone in the house when he arrived and when he asked if my husband was going to be watching us tonight, I told him no.  We had drinks, talked a bit and had just started to kiss when my doorbell rang.

“I’ve got to get that,” I said.  “Wait here.  I’ll be right back.”

He tried to stop me, telling me to ignore it and whoever it was would go away but I just laughed and left to answer the door.  I returned in just a moment, but I wasn’t alone.

“Peter, this is Kevin.  Kevin is another one of my bulls,” I said with a smile.  Peter looked startled at first and then his face started to flush as he began to realize what I would say next.  “Yes, yes, I think you understand.  Tonight, HE’S the bull.  Tonight I’m cuckolding you.”

So then I  ……. mmmm, no.  :) I know I’m a terrible cocktease but I’m saving all the dirty details of that night for my cuckold phone sex callers.  But you really should call because you’re going to be as turned on as Peter was by how mercilessly I pushed his cuckold humiliation to the limit.  :)