Secret Cuckold Humiliation?

Cuckold phone humiliaton

Hi cucky boys! I’m finding that taking cuckold phone sex calls is turning into quite an education, even for an experienced cuckoldress like me. There are so many styles of cuckold humiliation and different humiliating nuances and I’m hearing about all of them. Some of them I’ll even be putting to use with my own cucky boy. ;)

One new thing I’ve learned is that not every cuckold husband wants to watch his wife fucking another man. I thought every cuck wanted the powerful humiliation that comes with watching his wife being pleasured by a cock twice as big as his. But not only do some of you apparently not want to watch, you don’t even want to be told. Quite a few of my cuckold phone callers know that their wives are fucking someone else  — they’ve found her cum stained panties in the hamper or driven by the house during the day and found another car parked in the driveway — but they’ve never confronted their wife about it. It seems it’s more exciting for them to know she fucks around but not have any idea if it’s a stranger or someone they know or even if it’s one man or lots of guys.

That seemed strange to me at first but now I get the appeal of it.  It’s just a different kind of cuckold humiliation. By not knowing, they go through life wondering if every man they see could be fucking their wife. It could be the next door neighbor, her boss, your own best friend or any stranger you pass on the street whose outward friendly smile masks a hidden smirk of superiority at his knowledge of your cuckold status.  And who else knows?  Are her girlfriends laughing behind your back?   Her sister?  The neighbors?

Does that describe you?  Are you walking around “knowing” but not knowing who or when or how many? Call my cuckold phone line and let’s speculate on who’s secretly snickering over your cuckold humiliation.