The Ultimate Cuckold Humiliation – Cuckold Fluffer Boy

fluffer boy cuckold humiliationCuckold humiliation — it’s kind of redundant, isn’t it? I don’t think I’ve ever had a cuckold phone sex caller who wouldn’t agree that a cuckold husband is a humiliated husband. Everything about being a cuckold is humiliating. Knowing that your wife is fucking another man. Maybe someone you know — a friend, a neighbor. That you aren’t “enough” to satisfy her sexually. That her girlfriends know about your secret shame. Maybe even your friends too.

But some kinds of cuckold humiliation are much edgier than others, aren’t they? Like when you have to lick your wife’s cum filled pussy clean. When she brings her bull home to sleep in your bed and banishes you to the guest room. Then lying awake all night, listening to the sounds of his grunts and her gasps as she cums from being pounded with his much larger cock.

But the edgiest, most intense humiliation of all has to be finding yourself on your knees, forced to be a cuckold fluffer for your wife’s bull. It’s not just the humiliation of having to suck the cock of the man who fucks your wife. It’s the humiliation of sucking that cock so he can use it to fuck her right in front of you. And the shame of knowing your wife is watching, smirking at your cuckold fluffer humiliation, and that she’ll never take you seriously as a man again.

I enjoy all my cuckold phone sex calls but the cuckold humiliation confessions can be the most exciting of all. What’s your shameful cuckold secret?