Cuckold Humiliation Stories

Tell me your cuckold humiliation stories.One of the best things about cuckold phone sex is getting to hear so many of my callers’ cuckold humiliation stories.  Being cuckolded is inherently humiliating but some of you cucks have had cuckold humiliation experiences that were so intense I’m surprised your little cocks didn’t just shrivel up and fall off on the spot.

Like the humiliation of coming home unexpectedly and finding your wife in your bed, naked and orgasming to the thrusts of another man’s cock.   The first time you saw your wife’s lover’s cock and realized it was more than twice the size of your little pricklette.  Being told to get between her legs, press your lips against her freshly fucked pussy and lick out all the creamy cum that her lover left behind just for you.

Or maybe what has to be the most emasculating cuckold humiliation – getting down on your knees and taking that huge cock of his in your mouth to “fluff” and get him ready to give her the kind of raw sexual pleasure you can’t.

But as humiliating as those moments were when they happened, it’s still irresistibly hot to call me and re-live them in every shameful detail.  Because for most of you, the humiliation of being cuckolded IS the turn on — and it is for me too.  I want to hear about the shame of watching your wife pursue and enjoy other men because you’re not man enough for her.  Tell me about the embarrassment of all her friends knowing she fucks other men and about your passive acceptance of being cuckolded and humiliated.  Tell me how emasculating it is to lick another man’s cum out of your wife or be ordered to get on your knees and take his cock in your mouth  while she watches and laughs.

You want to tell someone.  You need to tell someone.  And no one will understand — and enjoy — your secret cuckold humiliation better than a cuckold humiliatrix like me.