Cuckold Humiliation – Have You Eaten Cuckold Creampie Without Knowing?

cuckold humiliation

I’ve been wondering about cuckold creampie recently. A lot of my cuckold husband callers only found out later that their wives had been cheating on them and tell me they’ve eaten creampies without realizing it at the time. However, cum has a really distinctive taste!  I’m sure many of my cuckold phone sex callers know this for a fact, haha.

So is it possible to not notice the taste of cum when you’re eating out a woman? Perhaps a lot of men just enjoy the act of licking pussy so much that they’re willing to overlook the distinctive taste of a cum filled pussy? Or perhaps some men don’t want to acknowledge the idea that they’ve been eating cum until they walk in on their wife having sex with another man. After that, of course, he quickly learns all about the many humiliating ways of eating cum, either from his wife or her lover. I think it’s so much more humiliating that way, when it’s out in the open and the cuck actually has to face the bull whose cum he’s been lapping up.

I admit I’ve done this to my husband on occasion, back when I didn’t know how much he loved cuckold humiliation. Even after I went out and had sex with one of my well hung stud boyfriends he would happily eat me out afterwards and enjoy every lick. Now, of course, he knows that there’s always a cuckold creampie waiting for him and a story of how much bigger and better my lover was.

So, have you ever unintentionally eaten a cuckold creampie? Did you really not know or was it just more cuckold humiliation than you could handle?  Even if you just suspect you have, give me a call. I want to hear every “juicy” humiliating detail!