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Cuckold Phone Sex Caller’s Humiliating Confession

Cuckold phone sexOne of my cuckold phone sex callers called the other day and made the most humiliating confession. He’s been a cuckold husband for years, since his wife prefers big black cocks to his pathetically small cock. She hasn’t let him touch her for years, except to clean her up whenever she proves once again how useless he is to her sexually.

In the beginning, he tried to tell himself that even though his wife was into cuckold humiliation, he stayed with her because he knew he would never get a hot woman like her again. But eventually he had to admit to himself that he had a dirty little secret: watching his wife in bed with a big black man made his small dick rock hard. It was humiliating that she did it and even more humiliating that he was aroused by it but at least no one else knew about it. If his friends and coworkers found out that he was a cuckold husband he would never live it down. But that day she had come to him with some news: she was pregnant.

He knew immediately that it wasn’t his, of course. And she intended to keep it. So all the world would know that his wife had cheated on him with a black guy who was more man than he could ever be. He was sure his wife had already gossiped to her girlfriends about it as well. So everyone would find out sooner or later: how humiliating!

This is a perfect example of what I always warn my cuckold phone sex callers – be careful what you wish for because you might just get more cuckold humiliation than you can handle! What about you? Are you being cuckolded and humiliated by your wife? Could you handle this much humiliation?

Cuckold Humiliation Phone Sex

I love cuckold humiliation phone sex!Cuckold humiliation phone sex calls will always be my favorite because I’m a natural cuckoldress. I always chose boyfriends who were devoted little slaves to me and I always cheated on them.  I’d never heard of cuckolding until a few years ago my boyfriend walked in on me when I was with a friend of his.  I expected him to be upset or angry but what I didn’t expect was the very obvious erection in his pants as he stared at us in naked in bed.

He admitted to me later that he’d always had cuckold fantasies.  One of the reasons he was attracted to me was because he knew I was the kind of girl who would cheat on him and the humiliation of it was a turn on for him.  That little confession changed everything for me.   Now I knew there were guys who actually wanted to be cuckolded and humiliated!  And the more I thought about it, I realized that cuckold humiliation was as much a turn on for me as the great sex with my “bulls” was.

That boyfriend is now my cuckold husband and I love telling my cuckold humiliation phone sex callers about all the hot, humiliating things I’ve done to him.  Want to hear about the time I had sex with my bull while my cuckold husband watched, naked and tied to a chair in the corner?  Want to hear about the first time I tricked him into licking another man’s cum out of me?   Or locked him into a chastity device?  You know you do!    Call me!
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